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Tools for CALI

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We’re getting ready for our CALI presentation next week.  Five of us – Debbie Ginsberg, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Barbara Glennan, California Western School of Law, Chester Kozikowski, Boston College Law School, Lindsay Matts, William Mitchell College of Law,  and Alex Berrio Matamoros, Boston College Law School – will be presenting the results of the Law School Educational Technologist Survey.

While getting ready for CALI, we’ve been playing with some fun presentation tools:


Wordle is a tool that lets you create word cloud – or visual map – showing how frequent a word is used in a given text.  Lindsay Matts created one from a series of conference Tweets in her recent post.  It’s great for spotting common themes in text, such as survey results.

Prezi is kind of combination between a mind map and a presentation application.  It allows users to create presentations which both present the big picture as well as allow the presenter to zoom in on important details.  You can sign up for a Prezi account to get started and Prezi will show you a brief interactive tutorial that explains how everything works.  Be sure to check out the “Learn Prezi” videos and the manual.  There’s also a lot of useful Prezi advice around  including:



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